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Cincom L16/20 Process the foot-path the most largely Ø 20mm
The top is processed greatly long 200mm
Make the foot-path of the largest hole of front Ø 10mm
The largest screw of front sets up the foot-path (the screwtap mould) M 8
The main shaft is well versed in the aperture Ø 24mm
The main shaft is rotated and counted Max.10,000min-1
Open the foot-path of the largest hole of the rotatory tool Ø 8mm
Rotate the largest screw of tool and set up the foot-path M 6
Rotate tools to rotate and count Max.4,500min-1
Main shaft largest chuck foot-path of the back Ø 20mm
There is appearing amount on the back 80mm
Hold the foot-path where the back processes the largest hole Ø 8mm
The main shaft largest screw of the back sets up the foot-path M 6
The main shaft of the back is rotated and counted Max. 8,000min-1
Attach tools to peek 16- 21
Tool size Work as a temporary labourer 12mm see you13mm (have T01 only16mm)
Pace that gives quickly The whole axle 32m / min
Motor Used in the main shaft and go for a drive by car 2.2/3.7KW
The main shaft of the tool drives and goes for a drive 1.0KW
Used in the main shaft of the back and go for a drive by car 0.75/1.5KW
Used for cutting the oil 0.4KW
Input the power capacity 8KVA
Height of centre 1,050mm
Quality 2,100Kg
  • The long-term best seller "L" L Improve the ability series.
  • Deal with the improvement of the function rigidity of heavy cut.
  • Choose to cooperate with the degree of freedom of the tool processed to increase by a large margin.
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